Our Policy

H S E Policies

Dhabi Contracting LLC. is committed to a policy of safe working conditions and practices, for all persons employed upon the project sites and therefore necessary precautions are taken to prevent adverse effects on its employees, its equipment and the physical environment in which its activities are carried out. This commitment to safety is communicated to all employees and its subcontractors by prominent display on the project sites.

It is the responsibility of all employees to understand their role in fulfilling this policy and follow the safety instructions and guidelines for the overall safety and welfare of all.

Quality Policy

Dhabi Contracting LLC. is committed to meeting all the requirements of its clients and regulatory bodies at all times and at minimal cost. All employees are responsible for the quality of work carried out on civil, electromechanical services and performance.

They have the authority to ensure that quality requirements are met in full, improve our construction quality, maintain the company's competitive advantage, satisfy its clients and comply with the requirements as defined in international standard ISO 9002/1994.

Our Prestigious Clients